【Beautiful Cafe & Restaurant Pattaya Top 5】Free Wifi

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I have been a lot of popular cafe&restaurant in Pattaya,Thai in 2016.

So in this page, I introduce the most beautiful cafe&restaurant I actually visited and I said

「What a beautiful place !!」

You can be super relax and refresh at each place.

*All of shops have free wifi.

Don’t miss them !! The Best 5 Cafe&Restaurant in Pattaya

1.The Sky Gallery

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The Sky Gallery is a No.1 place I want to recommend all people visiting Pattaya.


「Look this beautiful sea view !!」


I can hear you say from screen

「What a good place !! I must go there !!」haha

If it was clear sky, it was more beautiful view.

  • Large
  • Clean
  • Big sofa and chair
  • Various menu including Thai food,Cake, and Cocktail.
  • Nothing noise

This is a perfect cafe&restaurant.

You can feel luxury and resort atmosphere on reasonable price.

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I ordered Iced Cafe Latte(130B).


Facebook:The Sky Gallery

2.Sketch Book Art Cafe


Sketch Book Art Cafe is one of the most famous cafe in Pattaya.

You can see this cafe is

” Very nature cafe ”

There are many tables in large garden.You can choose comfortable seat.

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There are also tables inside of shop.

It displays a lot of sketchbooks with beautiful drawing.


You can feel relax and clam at Sketch Book Art Cafe.

What menu ?

It has menu of Thai food, Sweets, and Original Drinks.

「Look like so yummy !!」

I want to try “Affogato coffee” or “Mocha Almond Latte” next time. I’ve never heard that name of drinks.

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I orderd Thai food and Iced cappuccino.(485B)

Thai food’s taste is OK as well as around restaurants.

but I misordered Ice cappucino that I forgot to tell “No sugar”. If you don’t say, they give it with very sweet. Be careful if you don’t like sweet coffee(not only this cafe).

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You can go by souteu heading Jomtien from Pattaya city.You can find on the right at Thappraya road.

Facebook:Sketch Book Art Cafe


Drift has these attractive points.

  • Beautiful sea view
  • Lying big sofa

「Look this superb view and relaxable place !!」

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It’s so amazing big sofa that looks like floating water.

“Good design”.

You can lie and spend leisurely.

When you go the time of sunset, you can see beautiful view.It is so romantic !!


Inside of cafe is also comfortable.


There are a lot of cakes look like yummy !!


I had Iced Cafe Latte(160B).


Service lady said 「Afternoon tea set 」is the best choice at afternoon.


How to go ?

It places on the 16th floor at Hilton Hotel. It is near Hotel Lobby.


You can also go from Central Festival Shopping Mall on the 7th floor.

All people can enter.


Facebook:Hilton Hotel

4.The Cottage Cafe And Bar

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This cafe is rather restaurant than cafe.

Design using wood, brick, concrete gives so relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone had foods and sweets.but I order only Iced Cafe Latte as usual(75B).


Mug and coaster are unique and cute.

There are many unique cuisine.

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Open time 11:00~closed time 24:00.

Sometimes It has band show at night. Check it on Facebook.



The same place as Hollywood Disco.

Facebook:The Cottage Cafe And Bar

5.Loaf Bakery & Cafe


「I want to eat bakery !!」

I had bakery every breakfast when I was in Japan.

But actually the time eating bakery has been decreasing since I moved in Pattaya.

Sometime I have a day “I really want to eat Bakery that is delicious like making by bakery shop”.

and finally…

I found a good bakery cafe「Loaf」!!

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“Looks sooo yummy ♪”


It has not only bakery but also Cakes, Pasta and Hamburger.

I ordered Croissant and Iced Cafe Latte(150B).

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They are delicious, especially Iced Cafe Latte is I really love because of black honey.

I forgot to tell “No sugar” but it was fortunate !!

「Iced Cafe Latte + Black honey」 are unbelievable collaboration.


It places on soi lengkee near soi buakhao.

Loaf has one more another place where is on Central Pattaya Road(=Pattaya Klang Road).

This Loaf is larger.

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